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Stanley Cohen

In memory of Stanley Cohen

Stanley Cohen, was a seasoned attorney admitted to the Connecticut Bar in 1963, boasting a prestigious legal career marked by a myriad of accomplishments and contributions. With a BA Degree from the University of Hartford and a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Connecticut's School of Law, where he received a Fuller scholarship and garnered Book Prizes in Property Administrative Law and Mortgages, Stanley had consistently demonstrated excellence in his field. His distinguished career included serving on the Law Review and publishing articles in the Connecticut Law Journal.

Stanley's commitment to public service was evident through his involvement in various community organizations and governmental committees. From his tenure as a former member of the Windsor Zoning Board and the Windsor Democratic Town Committee to his roles as a State Trial Referee and Fact Finder, Stanley had made significant contributions to the legal and civic realms. Additionally, his appointment by the Governor to committees studying the recodification of banking laws and his service on the Judicial Review and Disciplinary Committees underscored his expertise and leadership in legal matters.

In his legal practice, Stanley specialized in secured transactions, banking law and regulations, commercial litigation, real estate, bankruptcy, and foreclosures. His extensive experience and deep understanding of these areas made him a formidable advocate for his clients. Furthermore, his advisory roles in prominent financial institutions, such as the Bank of Boston Connecticut and the Bank of Mystic, highlighted his expertise and influence in the banking sector. Stanley Cohen was as a pillar of the legal community, renowned for his expertise, dedication, and service to both clients and society.

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