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Talk to your attorney sooner rather than later, to avoid losing rights.

Document your losses. Save all paperwork when you receive medical treatment. If possible, photographs should be taken of an accident scene, an injury, and any other situation that may change over time.

Don’t talk to strangers. Information you provide can and will be used against you if you talk with other parties involved in your claim or those who represent them.

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If it is time to protect the ones you love, let Cohen, Burns, Hard & Paul help you leave a lasting record, to ensure your wishes are fulfilled, when you are no longer around to do it yourself. We can prepare a will for you that assures your wishes will be protected.

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Real Estate

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your real estate, Cohen Burns Hard & Paul can provide you with the advice and expertise to ensure your goals are met and your deal goes smoothly. Call us now to get a lawyer on your side and enhance the prospects for a trouble-free transaction.

Get a good contract. Make sure your concerns are addressed in your written agreement. Save yourself heartache down the road.

Get it in writing. If you change your deal, be sure to reflect the changes in a written amendment to your contract. Memories may fade, but they are soon refreshed when it’s all there in black and white.

If you're buying a business, make sure your written agreement includes every aspect of your agreement, along with provisions that will make it easier for you to deal with problems down the road, should they arise. At Cohen, Burns, Hard & Paul we will sit down with you and discuss your goals in detail, to make sure the deal you sign is the one that will best protect your dream.

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Let our experienced attorneys and staff take the steps necessary to get your bills paid, so you can spend your time making money rather than chasing it. Depending on what works best for you, Cohen, Burns, Hard & Paul will work on an hourly basis or for a contingent fee, in which you pay no attorney’s fee unless we collect on your claim.

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Your rights as a consumer are always at risk of erosion, particularly in the new Information Age. Cohen, Burns, Hard & Paul can help you to better understand your rights in consumer transactions, and to seek redress when someone else seeks to make you the victim.

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