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I'm not in Connecticut. Can you help me?

Cohen, Burns, Hard & Paul has attorneys licensed to practice in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Washington, DC. If you are from out of state, and need an attorney in Southern New England, Cohen, Burns, Hard & Paulis the closest thing you will find to a hometown law firm. We’ll keep you advised each step of the way and review your options regularly, to make sure your interests are protected in the way you want.

How much will it cost?

Don’t let the high prices charged by other firms prevent you from getting the help you need. Cohen, Burns, Hard & Paul has a range of payment options, including, in some cases, a contingent fee, which you are not responsible to pay unless the case is settled or decided in your favor.

Can’t I represent myself?

For certain matters, self-representation may be an option. If the amount at stake is so small that transactional costs defeat what may be gained, it may be the best option. In most cases, however, the protection afforded by securing an attorney more than compensates for the associated expense, by preserving your rights and placing you in the best position to enforce them.

What if I wait?

Sometimes waiting to see what will happen in a matter before taking legal action makes sense. It is important to remember, however, that rights often are diminished with the passage of time, and may be lost altogether. Consult with an attorney first, so you understand exactly what is being risked by failing to take immediate action.

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